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MagicMushroom Bedroom Light™

MagicMushroom Bedroom Light™

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MagicMushroom will make your room unique!
This product is Ideal for home, bars, cafes, restaurants, wedding, party and other places! It will automatically light up when your room is dark, and turn off when room is bright. The warn yellow light will not affect your sleep. 

Smart light control: No switch required. When the light is dim, the light will automatically turn on, and when the light is bright, the light will automatically turn off. Super energy saving: Extremely low power consumption - ONLY 0.2W - Lighting 12 hours a day, only takes 1kWh a year, help you save $50 every month. Using energy-saving long-life light source, it can work continuously for more than 50,000 hours.

Unique look: The unique mushroom shape perfectly decorates your room and creates a fantastic atmosphere for your room. The light is soft and warm, not too bright or dimmable, giving you a comfortable feel.

Easy to use: Suitable for placement in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and other places. Wake up in the middle of the night with a clear view of your surroundings, but never glare. This is a great gift for personal use, babysitting, and giving to friends and relatives.

Wide range of uses: widely used in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, hotels, bars, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, etc., long-term lighting, green environmental protection, low safety.

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