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Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch

Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch

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The All-In-One Smartwatch!

Upgrade to Groove™ - all-in-one smartwatch

Luminux™ is a fitness tracker that monitors heart rate, sleep quality, it records steps and calories burned, around the clock. It's also the best for monitoring your fitness progress! In addition, to display alerts and messages, with Luminux™ you can answer calls and text messages when you don't have the phone in your hand,

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Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch
Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch
Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch
Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch
Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch
Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch

Groove™ - Sports Smartwatch

  • Waterproof
  • Includes wireless earbuds
  • 25 days battery life
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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The All-In-One Smartwatch!

Upgrade to Groove™ "all-in-one smartwatch"

Get fit and stay connected with Groove™ Smartwatch. Monitor heart rate, sleep, steps, and calories around the clock. Plus, receive alerts, take calls and texts, all without ever having to pick up your phone.

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Awesome Functions

Stay healthy and organized with our multifunctional device! Monitor steps, sleep, and vital signs with precision. Plus, enjoy messaging, alerts, calculator, and other useful features for ultimate control.

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IP67 rated waterproof watch, no need to worry about sticking your wrist under water. You can enjoy the training without worrying about sweat or water damage.

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Integrated Charging of Headphones

Streamline your listening experience with integrated headphone charging. No cords, no hassle. Upgrade now for ultimate wireless convenience.

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Music on the go!

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Long life battery

Excellent battery life for daily use. After a full charge, it can be used for 7 days in normal use, or up to 15 days in standby mode. 450mAh large capacity battery, use our patented Ultra-low power intelligent chip, charging time 2 hours.

High quality microphone

The watch integrates smart filters, reducing background noise to make your voice clear during phone calls or when recording a note.

Bluetooth Calls

Allows you to answer calls and make calls directly on the smartwatch via a Bluetooth connection. You will never miss an important call or message during a meeting or training session. Equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone, independent sound and high-quality calls. Provides super comfortable call experience, ringtone reminder, no missed calls, and handsfree.

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Unique Earphone Size

Over time, the earplugs will automatically mold to the ear with the patented memory foam, making them extremely comfortable.

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Heart Rate Measurement in Real-Time

You can easily monitor your health and fitness live. Or receive notifications when something abnormal is detected.

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Warning of high body temperature

When the watch detects abnormal body temperature, the watch vibrates and reminds you to cool down, drink water and take care of your health.

Blood pressure and oxygen monitoring

A new method of live monitoring allows you to measure blood pressure and oxygen directly on the watch without connecting to an app, so you can understand your body's changes anytime, anywhere.

Many different types of screens and customizable backgrounds

There are many different styles of ring display available for free. You can change the display of the clock at any time. The background can also be customized.

Specifications & Package Contains

Material: zinc alloy, silicone
System requirements: Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0
Diameter of strap: 58 mm max
Display diameter: 53 x 18 cm

 The package contains
1 x Groove™ Smartwatch
1 x Wireless Headphone
1 x USB charging cable




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