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Groove Charger

Groove Charger

📱Compatible with iPhone

💼 Portable and lightweight

🎁 Perfect gifts for you and loved ones

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How to use

Just snap and charge your phone in just , 2, and 3. Once drained, you may charge it back up to health.


Technical Specifications
• Wireless Output: 15W Qi
• Wired Output: 22.5W PD
• Input/Output Type: USB-C / Lightning Connector

Battery Capacity 10,000mAh

Return policy

We are so confident you'll love our products and we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

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Stay charged, anytime and anywhere

This battery pack works well with iPhone 13. Available with an internal battery capacity of 5,000 mAh or 10,000 mAh, this magnetic and wireless battery is compatible with MagSafe.

Best Portable Option

The SnapCharge™ Battery Pack is the best portable charging option for phones, earphones, and other Qi-enabled devices. With the SnapCharge™ Battery Pack, you can improve your on-the-go power without having to lug around a bunch of different cords.

Versatile USB-C connector

Keep your phone plugged in and charging while you charge another device, or charge your battery with pass-through power technology

Powerful magnetic connection

Super strong magnets snap into place to ensure proper alignment and efficient charging of your device

Supports the weight

Versatile foldable magnetic stand holds your phone at a comfortable viewing angle in portrait or landscape